Conference on Strategic Dialogues: Innovation in Oil, Gas and Energy

26th to 30th November 2018 (Dubai, UAE)


Day 1:– Strategic Dialogue: Global Oil Outlook

Paper 1-

Global Economic Outlook-Oil and Gas perspective

Paper 2-

The National Oil Companies-Growth and survival

IOC’s Strategies-New directions for the upstream industry


Day 2:– Global Oil Market Dynamics and Perspective

Paper 1-

The Big Disruption in the oil price

A new triangle of price determination

Paper 2-

Upstream Performance Trends: Cost or technology-which can provide a relief in today’s low oil price?

Are current policies an aid or risk to development? 


Day 3: -  Strategic Dialogues-Gas

Paper 1-

Creating open gas market-Getting deregulation right

Emerging gas trading hubs- What implications for LNG markets and pricing

Competitiveness of LNG; Costs and Innovation

Paper 2-

Upstream-Africa Gas Supply future

Financing the Gas future


Day 4:-  Strategic Dialogues-Energy

Paper 1-

Pace and scale of energy innovation

Building the energy innovation ecosystem

Paper 2-

Future of global renewables

Energy power transition-Global strategies


Day 5: -  Investment Perspective: Oil, Gas and Energy

Paper 1-

Finance of future Oil and Gas investments

Do we have enough investments for future energy needs?

Paper 2-

Electric power infrastructure

Case study and group discussions

Feedback, action points and closing ceremony



    • Dr. Abe Abrahami:  Trained as an engineer, Abe spent 39 years working and helping to develop best practice in Risk Management, Governance and Quality compliance and cost reduction Techniques. Abe has authored several books and also delivered papers on Alternation Energy and Conservation
    • Alan Hughes: is fully qualified and experienced in development, implementation and management of training programmes. He is good at training of personnel at all levels of operational, maintenance and safety management to meet professional standards of competency. He is a proficient up front trainer/lecturer with worldwide experience with multi nationals in Oil and Gas industry and public sector.
    • S. M. Zeglam: Over 35 years of industrial experience in petroleum engineering, reservoir engineering/management, production operation, and property evaluation and planning in major oil & gas companies. Developed and presented petroleum related courses throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East 
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Location Flora Creek Deluxe Hotel Apartments, Deira City Center, Dubai
Fees Registration Fee: $1500 per delegate
Zenith Professional Training