Oil & Gas Management

HSE Audit & Hazard Management in the Oil and Gas-OGM 5004

06 Nov 22-10 Nov 22 (London, UK), 01 Aug 22-05 Aug 22 (London, UK), 16 May 22-20 May 22 (London, UK),

Course Overview

The health and safety environment within Oil and Gas Exploration operations is a growing concern as oil production increases to keep up with demand and technology advances creating new hazards. Recent high-profile events have brought safety and environment concerns to the forefront demanded by regulators, general public and within operating companies themselves.  Health and safety issues now affect all organisations to the extent where the potential risks and legal obligations cannot be ignored.

To comply with changes in legislation and to protect staff, more companies are looking to reduce the risk of accidents and non-compliances by driving a total culture focused on commitment to safety and process compliance, implementing an effective evaluation of occupational health and safety management system effectiveness and ensuring operations are prepared for audits at any given time.


Learning Outcome

  • Understand effective HSE audit and hazard management principles
  • Implement advanced safety identification and management procedures for hazard reduction.
  • Develop on-boarding strategies for ensuring safety and process compliance.
  • Assess and prioritize risks from infrequent large to frequent small consequences.
  • Apply best practices in coordinating the design, development and implementation of audit and hazard management process.
  • Understand regulatory issues and ensure full compliance.


Indicative Contents

  • Planning and managing HSE audit programmes
  • Implementing safety on-boarding strategies
  • Managing documentation and reporting process for compliance
  • HSE Regulations and strategies for compliance
  • External audit and compliance
  • Monitoring, review and continuous improvement strategies.


More Detail
Duration This is a one-week programme spread over 5 working days.
Certification A certificate of completion is granted on successful completion of the programme.
Location (London, UK), (London, UK), (London, UK)
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates.
Fees £4,250 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 1 week.