Finance & Accounting

Accounting for Non-Accounting Executives-FA 5002

14 Feb 22-18 Feb 22 (London, UK), 18 Apr 22-22 Apr 22 (London, UK), 06 Jun 22-10 Jun 22 (London, UK),

Course Overview

This course will assist managers from non-financial backgrounds to better appreciate the importance of accounting within their organization. It provides a comprehensive overview of accounting terminologies, enabling participants to correctly analyze, report and monitor financial activities. The course is designed for managers and business people who need to understand and apply the fundamentals of accounting and the use of accounting information.


Learning Outcome

  • Identify and use accounting terminologies
  • Analyse and interpret financial reports
  • Compare financial information and data
  • Prepare statutory requirement reports
  • Describe the concept of working capital
  • Determine how to obtain valuable information from Annual Reports
  • Describe the concept of accrual accounting and its standards and reporting aspects
  • Make financial business recommendations


Indicative Contents

  • The Accounting processes
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Conventions, Doctrines and Statutory requirements
  • The double entry system
  • Accrual accounting vs Cash accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements


More Detail
Duration This is a one-week programme spread over 5 working days.
Certification A certificate of completion is issued on successful completion of the programme.
Location (London, UK), (London, UK), (London, UK)
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates.
Fees £3,750 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 1 week.