Oil & Gas Technical

Geomechanical Analysis-Mitigating against Compaction Related Casing Damage-OGT 8006

14 Nov 22-18 Nov 22 (Houston, Texas, USA.), 05 Sep 22-09 Sep 22 (Dubai, UAE), 06 Jun 22-10 Jun 22 (London, UK),

Course Overview

The basic approach to geotechnical analysis is to use what datasets are available for interpretation of rock strength, stress and pressure. The key is to ensure an internally consistent approach, and integration and interpretation of all the data. By examining the available data and understanding the key issues previously encountered in drilling, testing or production, we can focus efforts on specific issues that will have the greatest impact on exploration and field development.


Learning Outcome

Delegates will at the end of the course be better able to:

  • Achieve understanding of geomechanical analysis
  • Understand wellbore stability analysis
  • Understand the causes of wellbore instability
  • Understand the principal stresses for effective planning
  • Assess stability or failure of system
  • Understand the term ‘’forces’’ and resistance to those forces
  • Understand drilling induced stress changes
  • Strategize for planning a stable wellbore


Indicative Contents

  • Overview of the oil and gas geomechanical concept
  • Geologic stresses and definitions
  • Assessing stability or functionality of wellbore
  • Yield training and formation strength
  • Matrix stress coef
  • Fracture gradient and minimum stress gradient
  • Wellbore stability models
  • In situ/far field stress and others
  • Mitigating against compaction related casing damage
  • Description of rock fabric-rock elastic parameters, Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus
  • Mechanical earth’s model and data analysis


More Detail
Duration This is a one-week programme spread over 5 working days.
Certification A certificate of completion is granted on successful completion of the programme
Location (Houston, Texas, USA.), (Dubai, UAE), (London, UK)
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates.
Fees £4,250 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 1 week.