Oil & Gas Technical

Geophysical Reservoir Characterization-OGT 5006

21 Feb 22-25 Feb 22 (Dubai, UAE), 21 Jun 22-24 Jun 22 (London, UK), 21 Nov 22-25 Nov 22 (Houston, Texas, USA.),

Course Overview

This course is designed to bring practicing Geoscientists to date on recent approaches and techniques for achieving improved geophysical reservoir characterization.

The course deals with the various aspects of the traditional approach of exploration geophysics as well as advanced aspects of reservoir geophysics. It considers the application of geophysical techniques as tools for refining development strategies and improving production efficiency.


Learning Outcome

  • Carry out geophysical characterization of reservoirs using integrated well log and seismic data.
  • Understand methods of integrating well log and seismic data for the geophysical characterization of reservoirs.
  • Appreciate and apply latest techniques for seismic inversion.
  • Analyze data for estimation of potential reserves.
  • Evaluate petro physical reservoir parameters using well logs
  • Apply geostatistical techniques to reservoir analysis
  • Make estimates of reserves based on petro-physical and geophysical data
  • Use seismic data and seismic attribute analysis to determine reservoir properties.


Indicative Contents

  • Seismic interprétation
  • Seismic attributes
  • Reserve estimations techniques
  • Mapping
  • Seismic attributes and seismic inversion techniques.
  • 4D Seismic
  • The estimation of potential reserves based on geophysical data
  • The principles of reservoir analysis from geophysical data
  • Fault interpretation
  • Depth conversion
  • Reservoir geostatistics
  • AVO analysis


More Detail
Duration This is a one-week programme spread over 5 working days
Certification A certificate of completion is granted on successful completion of the programme.
Location (Dubai, UAE), (London, UK), (Houston, Texas, USA.)
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates.
Fees £4,500 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 1 week.