Oil & Gas Management

Oil and Gas Project Management--OGM 8005

07 Mar 22-18 Mar 22 (Dubai, UAE), 08 Aug 22-19 Aug 22 (London, UK), 21 Nov 22-02 Dec 22 (Kigali, Rwanda ),

Course Overview

This course is designed to meet the needs of managers responsible for projects, especially in the oil and gas industry. It is expected that delegates will already be working in a Project

Management environment, although the qualification is also open to those wishing to build on

their general management skills.


Learning Outcome

  • Define the purpose and structure of a project
  • Explain the business contexts of projects
  • Identify project success factors and characteristics
  • Explain a process model for the management of project
  • Describe stakeholder management methods and processes:

a)  Discuss methods to manage the project team

b)   Discuss a project planning and control cycle

c)    Explain methods and processes available to plan a project.


Indicative Contents

  • Nature and context of projects
  • Management of stakeholders (including project team roles)
  • Planning and control of projects
  • Methods and Process for project delivery
  • Project finances and budgeting
  • Project cost control
  • Managing contingencies
  • Effective communication in project management
  • Maintaining interpersonal relationships in project handling


More Detail
Duration This is a two-week programme spread over 10 working days.
Certification A certificate of completion is granted on successful completion of the programme.
Location (Dubai, UAE), (London, UK), (Kigali, Rwanda )
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates.
Fees £5,250 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 2 weeks.