Information Technology Security & Management Systems & Network Security Management-IT 5001

12th March - 16th March 2018 (London, UK) 8th October - 12th October 2018 (London, UK) 10th December - 14th December 2018 (London, UK)

Indicative Contents

Workshops, providing you with experience analyzing system and network security include:
 Cracking passwords using rainbow tables
 Scanning systems with Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser (MBSA)
 Ensuring trusted server access via digital certificates
 Preventing unwanted network access with a personal firewall
 Encrypting and signing important data
More Detail
Duration 5 working days
Certification A certificate is granted on successful completion of the course.
Location London-UK
Travel and accommodation
Fees £ 3,750 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 1 week.
Zenith Professional Training