Public Sector Financial Management-FA 5002

21st May - 25th May 2018 (Dubai, UAE) 6th August - 10th August 2018 (London, UK) 3rd December - 7th December 2018 (London, UK)

Course Overview

High standards of financial management are central to all other reforms in the public sector.
Prospective donors attach growing importance to effective financial management systems.
The aim of this programme is to help countries pass these tests by increasing and deepening
knowledge of good financial management practices throughout their public sector community. It is
designed for policy makers, financial practitioners and line managers with financial and resource
management responsibilities.
Participants and their organisations will benefit from increased knowledge of modern, public financial
management practices and the high standards expected of the public sector. With this knowledge,
participants will be able to review the resource allocation mechanisms and budgetary and financial
controls within their organisations and ensure that resources are better planned and controlled and
are consistent with political priorities.

Learning Outcome

You will be able to understand:
 The importance of a stable planning and budgeting framework to economic and
financial management, propriety and efficiency in the public sector
 The need for medium-term financial planning and how effective planning and
budgeting should work in the public sector
 The role of budgeting in performance management and resource allocation

Indicative Contents

 The key elements of and evolutions within sound public financial management systems
 Medium-term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEF) and planning
 The principles of good governance in a modern public sector, including institutional
arrangements and organisational responsibilities for Public Financial Management (PFM)
 Effective resource allocation in support of the strategic objectives of the organization
 Policy-based budgeting and controls linked to MTEF and to outputs and outcomes
 Accounting, recording, monitoring and reporting
 Proactive budget management
 External scrutiny and audit
 Tax and revenue management
 Debt management
 Financial probity and propriety
More Detail
Duration 5 working days
Certification A certificate of completion is issued on successful completion of the programme.
Location Dubai-UAE, London-UK
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates
Fees Course fees for tuition, materials and certification: £3,750 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 1 week.
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