Strategic Agility-Embracing Change for Business Success-LM 8009

12th February - 23rd February 2018 (Dubai, UAE) 9th July - 20th July 2018 (London, UK) 3rd September - 14th September 2018 (London, UK)

Course Overview

This course is designed for senior managers, managers and executives who want to distinguish
themselves from the crowd by being competitive and strategic in performing an organization’s purpose
with excellence but change course when the situation arises.
The course is aimed at providing managers responsible for providing leadership either in private or
public sector with the practical strategies for excellent leadership.

Learning Outcome

Delegates will at the end of the course will be equipped with: -
 Identifying competition and what competitors are doing right
 Defining your mission and direction
 Identifying competition and what competitors are doing right
 Foresee and capitalize on impending market shifts and trends
 Succeed in generating market creating innovations
 Using both emotional and competitive intelligence to ring out the best in teams
 Leading and creating a cultural adjustment plan for team effectiveness
 Meeting and surpassing the needs and expectations of the dynamic environment

Indicative Contents

 Leadership-Skills for self -definition-What type of leader are you?
 Strategic leadership
 Dynamism of the business environment
 Realistically assessing where you are and where you want to be.
 What are your competitors doing to make things happen?
 Challenge conventional wisdom and experiment with unconventional ideas
 Team coordination and monitoring
 Creating strategic business process that works
 Converting your weaknesses into strengths for business growth
 Adjusting and adapting to change
More Detail
Duration 10 working days
Certification A certificate of completion is granted on successful completion of the programme.
Location Dubai-UAE, London-UK
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates
Fees Course fees for tuition, materials and certification: £4,750 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 2 weeks.
Zenith Professional Training