Tendering and Supplier Relationship Management- PSP 8001

13th May - 24th May 2019 (Dubai, UAE) 29th July - 9th August 2019 (London, UK) 18th November - 29th November 2019 (London, UK)

Course Overview

A strategic, well managed tender process is a guaranteed route to securing significant savings and achieving tangible efficiencies. Though, the opportunities are significant, so are the risks if a project is not effectively run. Tendering is a complex activity requiring knowledge and expertise. This course is designed for officers and managers in private organizations and government departments, offices and agencies who want to acquire desired knowledge in handling an effective tender process and supplier relationship management. It is also designed for suppliers who are involved in tendering with the aim of having a competitive edge over that of their competitors.

Learning Outcome

Delegates will at the end of the course be able to: • Understand the tendering process and requirements • Acquire desired skills to manage an effective tender process • Differentiate various types of tender and selecting the suitable one for a specific project. • Understand the various tender documents • Understand different advertisements for invitation to tender • Create an effective relationship management • Understand how to deal with tendering as a consortium

Indicative Contents

Handling of effective tendering process • Tender planning and designing-specification of requirement, service level agreement, commercial, pricing, previous experience, qualifications and reference from previous clients. • Types of tenders and suitability of each. • Tender request documents-Expression of interest, Invitation to tender, Requests for tenders and Proposals. • Pricing, schedules and how to determine eligibility for the project and procurement • Tenders and Competition • Effective relationship management • Tender evaluation and supplier selection • Contract notice and bid documents-bid bonds, bank guarantee etc

More Detail
Duration This is a two-week programme spread over 10 working days. working days
Certification A certificate of completion is issued on successful completion of the programme
Location Dubai-UAE, London-UK
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates
Fees £4,750
Zenith Professional Training