Leadership & Management

Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Management- LM 5001
Implementing Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainable Business Growth (LM 8013)
Leadership: Getting Results through Exceptional Capabilities LM 8011
Leading and Managing 21st Century Oil and Gas Business Ventures-LM 8017
Leading and Achieving Business Success with Emotional Intelligence- LM 8016
Implementing Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainable Business Growth-LM 8013
Leading Disruptive Change and Innovation for Business Sustainability-LM 8014
Leadership Strategy and Crisis Management-LM 8015
Creating and Leading a culture of Innovation-LM 8012
The CEO-Corporate Governance and Sustainability-LM 8010
Strategic Agility-Embracing Change for Business Success-LM 8009
Workshop-Corporate Ethics, Compliance and Integrity Management in Oil and Gas-LM 8008
Leadership- Inspiring Extraordinary Performance-LM 8007
Competitive Strategies for Business Continuity-LM 8006
Creating Strategic Business Process and Sustainability-LM 8005
Training Executives-Advanced Training Skills that influence and wow Trainees Loyalty-LM 8004
The Strategic Manager-Skills for Effective Performance-LM 8003
Leadership: Effective Management of High Performance Teams- LM 8002
Advanced Executive Leadership Programme-LM 8001
Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management-LM 5007
Stress Management-Developing your Staff to Handle Pressure and Stress-LM 5006
Human Capital-Staff Development, Training Needs and Evaluation-LM 5005
Effective Mentoring and Coaching Strategies for Managers-LM 5004
Transformational Leadership Skills and Team Excellence-LM 5003
Leadership: Decision Making and Problem Solving-LM 5002
Creative Leadership and Successful Team Building-LM 5001
Zenith Professional Training