Managing Travel and Tourism Operations—TT 5001

15th March - 19th March 2021 (London, UK) 13th September - 17th September 2021 (Dubai, UAE) 4th October - 8th October 2021 (London, UK)

Course Overview

Managing travel and tourism operations is made more challenging by the dynamic nature of people and pattern of life as well as ever competing destinations. This course is for those who manage day to day operations in a travel and tourism focused organization.

Learning Outcome

  • Better understanding of people and patterns of life
  • Understanding destination as a marketing mix
  • Conduct, Analyse and Interpret visitors’ survey
  • Able to take advantage of both emerging and popular attractions
  • Able to provide necessary safe guards for company and consumers

Indicative Contents

  • The place (natural characteristics, political standards & systems, history & arts)
  • Tourist destination (types of destinations, special focus destinations and)
  • The Image of a destination
  • Market research and evaluation
  • Quality and quality management
  • Regeneration and re-engineering of a tourism project
  • Managing emergencies
  • Case studies
More Detail
Duration This is a one-week course involving intensive role play and presentations. working days
Certification A certificate is granted on completion of the course
Location Dubai-UAE, London-UK
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation is to be paid at source by delegates
Fees £3,750 (excl. VAT)
Zenith Professional Training