Strategic Management-Corporate Social Responsibility and Deliverables-PR 8005

22nd February - 5th March 2021 (London, UK) 26th July - 6th August 2021 (London, UK) 22nd November - 3rd December 2021 (Houston, Texas, USA.)

Course Overview


This course is designed for individuals at senior and management levels whose day to day activities impact in one for more shape on the reputation of their organization, community relations and sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all 

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course delegates will be able to;

  • Explain the relationship between management and leadership
  • Align goals with resources and challenges
  • Utilize both emotional and competitive intelligence
  • Explain the key elements of corporate strategy
  • Relate strategic leadership to strategies and delivery of goals
  • Explain key components of corporate reputation management
  • Understand how organizations develop their corporate identities
  • Explain the nature of strategic public relations
  • Explain the link between how an organization wants to be seen and how it is seen


Indicative Contents

  • You as a leader(Tools for self-definition and modification)
  • Leadership strategies
  • Goals setting(resources, challenges and competition)
  • Managing a Team (Selected or imposed)
  • Reputation management
  • Ethics and communication in challenging times
  • Media relations and information communication technologies
  • Government relations(ministries, departments and agencies)
  • Community and investor relations
  • Sponsorship and corporate social responsibility



More Detail
Duration This is a one-week programme spread over 10 working days. working days
Certification A certificate of completion is issued on successful completion of the programme.
Location Houston-Texas-USA., London-UK
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates
Fees Course fees for tuition, materials and certification: £4,750(Excl.VAT)perdelegatefor2 weeks.
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