Leadership & Management

Team Working E-Learning
Managing Change for Better Results
Making Effective Business Decisions
Inspire for Extraordinary Team Performance
Ethics and Compliance in Organisations
Critical Thinking Techniques
Building Innovative Culture
Strategic Management and Leadership Skills for Managers-LM 8003
Leadership: Getting Results through Exceptional Capabilities- LM 8010
Leadership, Motivation and Decision Making—LM 5004
Leadership-Inspiring Extraordinary Performance- (LM 5002)
Creating Strategic Business Process and Sustainability-LM 8013
Organizational Breakthrough Through Innovative Thinking-LM 8012
Managing Strategic Industrial Relations-LM 8011
Leadership Effectiveness and Team Excellence-LM 8009
Corporate Ethics, Compliance and Integrity in Oil and Gas-LM 8008
Strategies for Leading Organizational Change and Development-LM 8007
Leadership Strategy and Crisis Management-LM 8006
Stress Management-Delivering Results under Workplace Pressure and Stress—LM 8005
Training the Trainer Executive Workshop-LM 8004
Managing and Leading for Higher Productivity- LM 8002
Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies- LM 8001
Operationalizing Ethics and Compliance in Corporate Organizations- LM 5008
Human Resources Management - Learning and Talent Development LM 5007
Developing and Managing Excellence in People Leadership— LM 5006
Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Management-LM 5005
Managing Disruptive Change and Stakeholders for Business Continuity (LM 5003)
Organizational Agility-Embracing Change for Business Success- LM 5001
Zenith Professional Training