Oil & Gas

Joint Venture Partnership Account
Managing Oil and Gas contracts
Effective Petroleum Depot Operations
Pipeline Security Management
Digital Supply Chain Optimisation and Management in Oil and Gas-
Stock Accounting and Tank Farm Operations Management
Digitalization of Supply Chain Operations and Management in the Oil and Gas (OG 8027)
Oil and Gas Technical Report Writing-OG 5003
Global Reporting Initiative Standards and Sustainable Development Goals for Oil and Gas--OG 8026
Oil and Gas Petroleum Economics (JV and PSC)-OG 8002
Geophysical Reservoir Characterization-OG 8001
Tank Farm Operations-Performance and Sustainability-OG 8003
Working in Partnership (JV and PSC)-OG 5012
Rock Physics and Seismic Inversion in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production-OG 8004
Oil and Gas Reservoir Management—OG 8005
Risk Based Auditing (Upstream and Downstream Operations)- OG 5011
Process Safety Engineering and Maintenance in the Oil and Gas- OG 5009
Essentials of Petroleum Technology-OG 5007
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control in Oil and Gas- OG 8025
International Oil and Gas Business- OG 8024
Corrosion Management in Production and Processing Operations- OG 8023
Crude Oil Marketing: Legal and Operations Perspective-OG 8022
Crude Oil Export: Terminal Operations-OG 8021
Workshop on Seismic Data Interpretation and Sub-Surface Mapping-OG 8020
Refinery Shutdowns and Turnarounds: Process- Led Management Approach-OG 8019
Petroleum Refinery Dynamics-Process Yields Optimization-OG 8018
Oil and Gas Integrated Joint Venture (IJV) Funding Workshop- OG 8017
Clustered Oil and Gas Fields: Directional and Multilateral Drilling OG 8016
Crude Oil Vessels–Managing Accounts and Reconciliation — OG 8015
Complex Negotiation Skills in the Oil and Gas-OG 8014
Oil and Gas Materials Production Planning and Control-OG 8013
Fundamentals of Unitization in Oil and Gas Production—OG 5006
Geomechanical Analysis-Mitigating Against Compaction Related Casing Damage-OG 8012
Financial Reporting of Oil and Gas (JV and PSC)-OG 5005
Oil and Gas Business-Legal and Taxation Perspective—OG 8011
Risk Based Process Safety Management-OG 8009
International Oil and Gas Contract Management—OG 8010
Joint Venture Accounting-OG 5002
Oil and Gas Project Management- OG 5001
Unitization in Oil and Gas Industry: Issues and Challenges-OG 8008
Pore Pressure Analysis, Modelling and Prediction in Oil and Gas- OG 8007
HSE Audit & Hazard Management in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations-OG 8006
Effective Stores Management and Inventory Control in Oil and Gas OG 5008
Economics of Value Chain Optimization of Oil and Gas-OG 5004
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